DucTech Air Conditioning Service Wood Dale, IL – Our Offerings

Heating Whether you own a furnace or a boiler, DucTech is at your service. Our heating and air conditioning Wood Dale are adept at ensuring your system runs smoothly throughout every season. From furnace installations to heating repairs, coupled with our AC services, we ensure your HVAC system functions at its best. We also cater to radiant heating systems for both homes and offices.

Cooling Beat the summer heat with DucTech. We offer a comprehensive suite of AC services to ensure you remain cool and comfortable. Whether it’s AC installation Wood Dale or repair, our certified professionals are equipped to address your air conditioning needs promptly.

Plumbing Unexpected leaks or flooding can be disruptive. That’s why DucTech Air Conditioning Contractors Wood Dale is always prepared with skilled professionals to address the issue. From routine plumbing challenges to AC maintenance, rely on our expertise.

Maintenance Program Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity of any HVAC system. Trust DucTech’s experts for routine furnace and AC maintenance Wood Dale. We prioritize ensuring your system is ready whenever you need it.

Debunking Air Conditioning Wood Dale, IL Myths
At DucTech, we’ve identified several misconceptions about air conditioning that might be costing you:

  1. Lowering the thermostat cools spaces quicker.
  2. Every home requires the largest AC unit available in Wood Dale.
  3. Turning off the AC when away saves energy.
  4. Air conditioning is responsible for summer colds.
  5. Wait for your unit to break down before considering a replacement.
  6. Thermostat placement doesn’t matter.
  7. Using a fan alongside an AC unit cools rooms faster.
  8. Close vents in unused rooms to optimize airflow.
  9. Running a fan with the AC unit is energy efficient.
  10. Regular professional AC maintenance isn’t essential, especially for new units.

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