When considering a basement conversion it’s important to know about the four main types of basement excavation you can choose from. A half basement is a great option for those needing more space but not wanting to extend underneath the entire floor plan of the house. Here we will outline everything you need to know about having a half basement excavation. A half basement is also called an in-law apartment or mother-in-law suite. It’s a living area that is built underneath the original house and has all of the options normally available for a full basement, with some restrictions regarding where you can place a basement light well. You can have a lighting well on the side of your property that your basement extends to, but if it does not extend underneath any extensions you may have, it can limit where you can have a lighting well. If there is no extension in the way, you can have a lighting well at the front, rear or side of your basement conversion. You can choose to have a dark basement with no lighting wells, creating the perfect cinema room or basement bar space. Or you could go for a bright kitchen area with plenty of natural light from lighting wells and artificial sources. You can have any type of room in a half basement, including en-suites, bathrooms and shower rooms. Our teams are experienced in planning ventilation routes for any type of room you choose to build in your half basement.

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